Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Seek the Truth

Let's not be afraid. My thoughts today are that in this world we will have trouble- we are promised that by the God of Scripture, and certainly we have found it true, any of us, whether we believe in that God or not. The question is do we believe (and how deeply, and how trustfully), in a graceful or hostile universe. 

Is our universe a provisional thing: a giver, a provider, a deliverer of gifts and blessings? Or is it a lifeless thing: a random chance, a non-meaningful entity, an experience simply of scattered, non-related events? Everything about how we behave in life can be traced to what we think about this question. 

Can we look at life and even begin to believe in the power of the cliche, 'everything happens for a reason?' For what reason? Wouldn't knowing the reason require knowing the purpose of life? It's hard to link together a story without knowing your intentions; it's hard to make the little moments add up to something if you don't know what they're moving you towards, what that 'something' is. 

I think the truth is it takes bravery and courage to look at the world as though it is purposeful and we are purposeful. Otherwise, what's the meaning of that feeling within all of us that there is hope for more

So much of our struggle in life comes from the fight between our desire to suppress, rationalize, or ignore that little inner feeling, and the desire to live every single solitary moment of our lives in its fullness, wholeness, and joy.

The adventure is that you have to pick one. You can stand on the edge and look at the two forever, contemplating whether to keep moving toward the call of your soul, or staying still. And here is the thing: it will always be your choice. 

A loving universe allows choice, because obedience makes us free. It is the possibility of being able to choose something that invites action on our part. And action on our part means we have come into ourselves and become involved in the stewarding of the gift of our life. 

That is part of the point. That is all anybody wants: to feel like they are living the life they want to live, from their soul. As they were made. Able to let go of everything that is not eternal because the reason life is happening at all is a creative reason.

Look at this world. Here we are. Here you are. Why?


Let us realize that even asking is a prompt which should move us to seek the truth.


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