Saturday, August 27, 2016

Updates of Note

It's been a while since I've written, and that's mostly because my time here in Colorado is coming to a close and it's been craziness trying to wrap up work, personal, and business projects the past few weeks. 

I've been in Estes Park since January, the off-season at the resort/conference center I'm working at, and now that the busy summer season is winding down, things feel like they're coming full circle. I got here when it was pretty quiet, then I saw the thick of the fun, wild, madness of family and tourist-filled summer- and now here we are, quiet again, soon heading into Autumn.

There's a settled-down feeling again: no distractions, some peace and quiet, a slower pace and a more personal connection to this place which is no longer brimming with crowds. It's a nice feeling. Leaving here will be the most bittersweet goodbye I think I've ever said: there was so much growth in such a short time, so much fulfillment of exactly the things I prayed for and desired just 8 short months ago.
What a lesson in faith it has been to go out and not just fight for things, but surrender for them. It seems that this is when we are best able to receive. 

And I have. It's been hard work, learning curves; personal growth, meeting all kinds of people who have enriched my life and taught me things... it's been peace and quiet and mediation; it's been thoughtfulness and solitude, fun and community; growth and letting go. All endings are beginnings too though: just as this experience came after the one before it, there will be something else that will come after this.

That's life. And I have found it consistently beautiful, consistently impressive, consistently amazing when I seek beyond myself.
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