Saturday, July 23, 2016

Planet Earth

Today's work: outside by the river, painting the evening away. My heart has become one with this place, and its beauty never fails to stimulate my creativity and satisfy my soul. 

I continue to be amazed at how walks (meditations, painting sessions, prayer sessions) alone in nature never fail to be rejuvenating. They totally reset me, always bringing me back to the present and all that is good. It's hard (impossible maybe) for the mind to be agitated when it finds itself truly present with nature. 

Walking barefoot on the earth, getting my hands dirtied by tree bark and rinsed clean by river water; listening to the sounds of birds, of bubbling streams, of wind rustling the trees... I keep learning here how hard-wired I am to be eager to receive the gift that is existence on this planet, how hard-wired I am to crave closeness to nature, how much truth, somehow, I find in natural, simple, imperfect-yet-divine, glorious beauty.


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