Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Light Shines in the Darkness

Almost done with this coloring book!

I've been working for the past three months on this commissioned project: back and white illustrations to accompany a devotional a friend of mine is writing. I spoke last year at her retreat about God, healing, and creativity (which, in my experience, have all been very real and interconnected), and when she contacted me with this project, I was overjoyed. 

It hasn't been an easy road, following my dreams and becoming an artist. It's been more challenges than anything so far, actually. There have been what seem like more steps back than forward... not 'steps,' really; more like disappointing, confidence-shattering blows, it has felt at times.

But it has been such a gratitude-inducing road too. I came to art (and art came to me) at a time in my life when a lot seemed to be falling apart, and I never would have imagined that sticking with it would bring me here: to Colorado, to peace, to a sense of love and hope that permeates even my doubt and darkness.

Sticking with art, like sticking with God, as taught me the most important things in my life: what it means to be loyal, to be faithful, to hope. To wait. To sometimes forgo what I 'want' in favor of what is good. To believe. To live for others, to forget self, to do what is loving and right.


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