Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spread Love

I'm always (always, always) blown away by synchronicity, by God's timing; by how we get in this life, if we pay attention, exactly what we need when we need it. By how we daily receive just exactly what we need to not only sustain us, but teach us- grow us.

Yesterday two new ladies, probably in their 50s, started working with me in the Craft Center here in Colorado. A basket weaver and a glass fusing artist. Seamlessly (perhaps because we are in touch with our identities as creators), we began talking about life, faith, trials, struggles, and love. I love talking to people who cut right to the chase about who they are, immediately revealing their awareness of their divine nature not in words but character; knowing that they are called to be carriers of love, and not ego. Maturity, non-pretense, and a natural sense of real beauty radiates from such people, reminding me that human beings are drawn to love, and when we find those who have this special awakeness, we find ourselves admiring in them a quality of soul, of some deeper truth than merely appearance.

And I love talking about love with people- women in particular- who understand it as a concept and a conviction, a way of living, not a fleeting feeling or expectation of something they should receive from the world, but rather something they should give. Love not as something you fall in and out of, but as something you commit to, give your best to, choose no matter what. Love as real and pure. And unconditional.

These two women each told how they had survived cancer, lost husbands, and fought to live as artists. And I was so humbled: by them, and by all I know I will learn from them in the coming months. We all agreed on one thing: too many people in the world ask 'why me?' when it comes to pain or suffering, and not enough have learned to ask 'what': what is this teaching me, what am I supposed to learn from hardship, what is my purpose despite my pain.

To ask that 'what' is to be creative and fully alive and present: to build, to live in love and not just occasionally 'experience' it, to have your life permeated by peace and satisfaction such that you can willingly use your voice and life to serve God and to serve others. Daily, always, I am reminded that there is no greater meditation than this: Love, and love alone, is enough.

"If I speak God's word with power, even revealing all His mysteries and making everything as plain as day, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but I do not have love
I am nothing."
-1 Corinthians 13:2 msg


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