Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spend Time.

"If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I'll bet they'd live a lot differently. "
- Bill Watterson
 Creation is a great teacher.

The mind is too, but I'm always humbled when I learn by experience that it's not the absolute best.

Sometimes I race so certainly to my own conclusions, trapped in perceptions that I self-deceptively believe are 'my own truths,' that I forget to remember how dire my dependence on the Lord is. I forget to remember how desperately my soul needs a foundation, a set of roots

I forget how much this changes not only what we think, but how we live.
I am one of those people who finds God most clearly in nature (not coincidentally, also where He first found me); who has always felt something spiritual, I'm sure, in the stillness of the trees and the vastness of the skies and the brilliance of the mountains. 

My new home in Colorado could make it easy to overlook- and forget- on a day to day basis just how strong God's presence is here, but it's always silent moments, just beholding creation, that bring me back to a fundamental awareness.

Ours is a world so big and beautiful and awe-inspiring; like a painting reflects some qualities of its artist, so life reflects qualities of its Creator. 

But I often find myself having to pay better attention.
When I do, I live a lot differently. Nature- like her Creator- is liberating, freeing, patient, life-giving, and consistent. I always have to re-remember, to not take it for granted. I have to get conscientiously closer to the things that contain what I want. 

I have to spend the time looking up.
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