Saturday, May 14, 2016

art imitates life

Adventure Always - Drawing on Wood
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view on etsy
things i learn everyday: 

life is short. life is a miracle. sometimes it's hard to understand why we're here and why we have to leave the way we do; hard, but not impossible. 

it takes grace. it takes patience, kindness, humility, an open mind, and faith. a wide open heart. a real recognition that every day is new and to be used fully. it is all a miracle. it is all an adventure. 

make every effort to be present and live accordingly, knowing this is true, and- even despite the pain, the hurt, the loss- life makes a lot more sense. happiness will come in, then a sense of joy and love which never leave.

it's not something to remember. it's more like truth: something we don't really ever forget but have let remain sleeping because our eyes are closed, something that once we fix our eyes on again, once we behold again, focus on so it becomes how we see.

it is a simple life.

we all start out phenomenally blessed, life itself being our perfect gift. i will try to remember. i will try to remember in the health i have now so that later in sickness, when the time does come to leave, the truth will be the same as it always was.

it is all a miracle. it always was.

i learn it every day.


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