Thursday, February 4, 2016

Spread Love / Be Light

Today's new beginning: a little morning goodness before I headed to work.

I am loving life in Colorado as I predicted I would; of course newness and transition can be hard, but it's funny: I am seeing a new pattern in my life, and that is that every time I follow my heart- that is, do what I really feel my soul needs to do on the deepest level versus do what is comfortable or chosen out of fear or scared-ness- the results are good. 

It's not that there's no challenge, or no adjustment period; no occasional feelings of missing things (there are sometimes), but it's that there are no regrets, no feeling that I failed to made choices because I was scared or unwilling to experience change. That- choosing to live from convicted choice-making versus from feelings, which will always change- has been a good idea. 

It actually feels, really, like I've been here before, like I'm returning, or came back. That happens when things feel right in our soul: we get a little sense of timelessness or eternity, familiarity; like this is what we were made to do or be like or love; a deep inner comfort in knowing that this is where we're meant to be. There's no overwhelming or course-deterring sense of fear- only a quiet excitement about the future, however unknown, because every present moment is fine.


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