Thursday, January 28, 2016

Up at the Stars

First painting in (and of) Colorado, done!

I'm one for stargazing: ever since I was a little kid I loved to look up at the stars and realize the universe- how big it is, how it goes on without us, how it's always there, so marvelous and beautiful and such a miracle, eternally spread out before us.

And how often we forget to just look up and let that fact mean something to us.

I walked out of my new home under the Rocky Mountain sky last night and looked up as I always do at the stars, and I realized- even more so now, in a new place- that we have infinite and constant access to the beauty of life at all times, if only we stop to marvel at it. 

These stars are always here. I look up and see the same thing, even a thousand miles from home. There's something beautiful about that. It makes, for the observant eye (and heart), the entire universe feel like home.

I realize more and more that it is enough to simply see rightly in this life: unaltered, with our own eyes alone; not relying on the things they sell you or the things the world finds popular to enhance our experience here. Just to be, little- yet big- as we are, is all we need. It is simple. In a world that tries to make it complex, there are still some things that our souls simply know are right, and eternal. 

Things that inspire. Things that make us love, things that move us to an experience of beauty, things that give us a why to live.

We only need to be mindful and deliberate- intentional, diligent, committed- about this life: treating it with care, realizing for what we were created, not giving attention to things that fuel negativity or neutrality when we have- every single day- the option to choose and go after things that fuel positivity and conviction for something.

I'm learning that this is a good way to live. Every single one of us without exception has a voice, a place, a beautiful inner world to share; a whole world and a sea of stars to look out at and ask, 'what would you like me to do while I'm here?'

And a heart to give us the answer.


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