Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today's Work: An Afternoon Walk & the Art of Being

Sometimes, you just need to go out into nature and spend time

Sometimes it feels like we're so quick to spend money; quick to draw up plans; quick to think or try to figure out; quick to attend to trivial things- our houses, our money, our things; or even our hobbies or things that bring us joy- that we forget the fine art of resting, and how good that is for the soul.

Today I simply walked alone down a three-mile trail in the sunny Illinois Autumn, and reflected on the joy that has come into my life since deciding in my twenties to live a life that does not glorify busy-ness. It's very difficult in this modern world to cultivate a life that does not feel hurried, rushed, or frantic, like things need to get done with pressing urgency.

It's very difficult to be. It's so easy to do. And do, and do, and do. But my path, both literally and spiritually over the past several years (specifically the last two), has been an escalation in being versus doing- and I've actually never felt more accomplished (or at peace). Being is very much focused on the inner life, while doing is concerned first with external accomplishments. Being- and becoming- takes a lot more patience. And trust. And guts.

But I feel I had this inclination to go slowly- to absorb nature, to be at peace in solitude- since childhood- as all children do. Children are never rushed; they don't anticipate the future, they don't worry at what's ahead. To get back to this state- our actual state- as an adult is both difficult and innovative. Many a brilliant mind has commentary to offer about solitude, about patience, about going slowly; about simplicity

The basics. What is pure, what is simple, what is almost considered 'old fashioned' seems to actually be about the truest extract of any of us. The modern world makes it difficult (and often uncool and ridiculous) to pursue, but I think it's worth it. It is interesting to have chosen (and continue to choose) a life that requires inner development in a world that moves in trends and fashions, but there's something eternal about it- something unendingly satisfying- that I trust. I am excited to see where it takes me.

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