Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From the Heart: A Custom & Colorful Birthday Gift

I've been suuuper excited to reveal this piece, which I've been working very hard on for the past few days! 

It was a custom-made painting that was inspired in such a cool way, and it got me thinking that I'd really love to do more like it. My favorite pieces to make are always ones that I know are going to a good home as soon as they're complete, that will mean something special to their owner.
This piece was a birthday gift inspired by three kids and their Dad, who filmed them talking about what they loved about their mom. He sent me an (adorable) video, and I used the kids' words, descriptions, memories, and expressions of love to inspire a piece that reflected her. 

I started by taking notes on the kinds of descriptions the kids were giving, what colors they associated with their mom, how they spoke of her demeanor, spirit, and love, and then worked to create the final product. 

Below are some close-ups and descriptions of the process, symbolism, imagery, and coloring I chose- and information on how you can contact me if you would like a custom piece too! These love-inspired paintings are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, childrens' rooms, graduations, or just about any occasion that calls for something personal and heartfelt.
To begin, I listened to each of the three kids' descriptions of their mom and how they viewed her. Their dad asked questions to prompt visual descriptions and that gave me a great start- they enthusiastically described her as wonderful, bright, full of sunshine, always happy, and beautiful, so that inspired the overall 'bright, bursting' color scheme.

Each of the three children picked a color and described why it reminded them of their mom. Yellow, pink, and blue were what they chose, so I 'rooted' three tiny blooms in a patch of those colors to represent each of the kids, and then added some of their descriptive words nearby.

Since the painting was for a mother from her young children, I wanted the concepts of nature, nurturing, maternity, and natural growth to be prominent themes. To really showcase her and to represent a mother's loving, feminine nature, I chose to prominently depict a three-leafed sprout emerging from a seed, and offset the other three blooms (representing the children) around it.  

It was really cool to work on an abstract piece like this again. I haven't done one in a while but they always reveal to me the way my creative process continues to change, evolve, and become more layered as I commit to developing it. 

I will be making more personal pieces like it soon I'm sure- and if you want one for yourself, a special occasion, or someone you love, let me know!


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Marilyn said...

It looks great Lauren! I'm so happy that you were able to work with Darren and make such a beautiful painting. I'm sure she will just love it.