Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tell Me.

Tell me there's more than the weather and the news
and the daily distraction from what's real; 
that there's more than the numbered days,
that there are big things inside of you
waiting to come out,

and that those things are the realest things you are.

Tell me there's what you create and give away,
tell me you're fascinated with the kind of beauty 
that awakens your moral responsibility to live.

Tell me you know wisdom is smarter when it works softly,
and ignorance most evident when it's sure it's right.
Tell me you feel what you're made for, 
and then tell me you're terrified, 

and then tell me you still feel what you're made for.

Tell me you remember who you are
before the world told you who you should be. 

Tell me, tell me, and tell me again,  
because I already know,
and we have to remind each other.

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