Sunday, August 16, 2015

Glacier National Park

I am back from Glacier National Park and just had to share some pictures of this beautiful place! Only the second national park I've been to and definitely not the last, Glacier has already inspired some paintings and plans for future adventures. 

Initial views from our first hike:
the Swiftcurrent Pass Trail, a 11.5 mile hike along the continental divide that gains 7,000 feet in elevation
Me and my best friend since 3rd grade- finally together in the PNW!
Swiftcurrent Pass Trail 

Still on the trail, but much higher up. These are the lakes from the previous pictures, as seen from above

Through the meadow where the wildflowers were blooming...
... and arriving about halfway, chalet visible in the distance
Dad and baby waiting for us at the end
This is James, my new nephew (!!) and the 10-week-old baby who has been camping more times in his life than I have because his parents are just that cool :)
Campsite in East Glacier- and James
My reading material 

The next day, we headed via car to West Glacier for more hiking before leaving the park for Spokane

Apgar Village in West Glacier, last stop before heading to Washington 
I'm a lucky girl getting to go to the mountains twice already this year, and to witness my beautiful best friend continuing to live a brave, adventurous life with her husband and sweet baby. 

In Spokane they serve as house parents for wilderness guides at Peak 7, an non-profit that takes at-risk, urban teens out of their comfort zones on outdoor expeditions to help them gain confidence, learn trust, and discover who they are. (Watch an awesome video here). Over and over again this year I have been reminded that in so many ways, nature and the wilderness will always be our greatest teachers- and healers- and when the mountains call, we must go.


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