Tuesday, August 18, 2015

daily meditation, 8.18.15

"When we come near to God, suddenly love is a lot more (and a lot more beautiful) than our world tells us it is. Suddenly the union between any two people, in friendship or intimacy, is a mere reflection of the most ultimate and magnificent standard: the Love God has for us as given to us through his son. That is love to us now: not the fulfillment of our desires, not the dependency of one person upon another, not merely lust or pleasure or recreation, but love in a much more pure, authentic, real, soul-touching, life-altering, glowing and holy way. Love that forgives, redeems, sets free, inspires, enlightens, shares wisdom, gives freely, is kind, keeps no record of wrong, offers refuge, reaches out, initiates healing.

Loving Christ, loving God, is not something we do for comfort, image, or 'to be a good person.' It is something we do to reflect ultimate love so big and powerful that the wounded are healed, the broken are mended, and the lost are found."


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