Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today in the shop: Seek.

This is a painting I made when I had just returned from Peru (July 2013), when I was first exploring creating and finding my style in general. I look at it now and I see how different it is (in some ways, and how similar in other ways) to my more recent creations. 

Stylistically and aesthetically, I see big differences- but at the heart, I see exactly the movement, themes, and motivation which I create with now. We put, whether we realize it or not, our signature on everything we do: our work is inevitably a reflection of us. As we grow proactively and healthily, the external- the appearance- usually changes, and the heart- the deepest pulse of reality from which we can live- definitely evolves

The change, when we are involved in life as a growth process, is an evolution, a forward movement. I have found that that is the most terrifying and absolutely wonderful part of being alive. It's really been unexpectedly amazing and humbling for me personally to look back at all my paintings and say, 'I made that.' Each one reminds me of where I was at the time- not just physically or externally- but internally, in my heart, and mentally and emotionally as well.

And being able to look back over time and see the patterns, see the course of how we got 'from here to there,' fortifies our vision of what things will be like ahead.


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