Friday, February 6, 2015

Quartz Crystal Dream Catcher

Happy Friday all! Enjoy this new dream catcher print, now for sale at my shop

I am loving interpreting these guys and painting them in all new ways and colors. There's now a section in my shop just for dream catchers, so if you like them, be sure to check it out right here!
And as always, I like to share the inspiration and thoughts surrounding the process of what I create, and the story of this catcher's process is here. It's common for me to be create after yoga, which is a 90-minute sequence of meditative movement. This year I am also focusing on mediating more in my apartment: just sitting, eyes closed, and allowing the cessation of thinking; really letting my mind and body release everything. 

It's an interesting, almost paradoxical thing- and I've heard creativity described this way before by many greater creatives than myself- but when I don't think of ideas, is when I actually get ideas. This is why yoga is a wonderful and necessary thing for me to practice: because it clears my mind, because when I am doing yoga, it is creative: I am in the moment, not thinking about being in the moment; just actually there
This carries into all other aspects of life too: the awareness that now is the only space in which we can ever really live. I feel lots of aliveness as the result of knowing this. There's really very little I feel the need to control anymore- and whenever those feelings do surface, I am now much more aware of them and capable of letting them pass right by. Creativity is a giving up of control in exchange for presence, in the now.

It is a very, very peaceful and beautiful exchange.
That said, it is often after mediating or yoga that I am better able to flesh out verbal ideas, and I've been keeping a notebook of 'painting meditations,' writings that come up for me as I am in the process of painting, that often supply the material for this blog. So you can read those for this painting here, and of course I hope you simply like the results!


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