Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mind & Heart

I learn to wander, not arrive, 
learn to labor, learn to wait; 
I learn: with passion be, don't strive, 
I trust in taking any fate. 
I learn not to attach, but love- so deeper then is giving
I look within and look above, 
and there I learn my living. 

I learn all struggle as a choice to turn away from doubting, 
that gives to me a covered voice, 
not whispering now, but shouting. 
I learn to seek the pure and find imagined there this art, 
for what imprints the eyes and mind, I learn, 
imprints the heart.

-LY, 5/2014
Little studies on the rarely examined importance of noticing how deeply what we do (and don't do), what we see (and don't see), and what we think (and don't think) affect the heart, not just the head. Life is incomplete unless we go actively toward what we love, whatever we know that thing to be.

Original watercolor on paper, 6x8 inches. Contact to buy.


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