Monday, December 22, 2014

All Good Things are Wild & Free

"The wildest dreams of wild men, even, are not the less true, though they may not recommend themselves to the sense which is most common. It is not every truth that recommends itself to the common sense. Nature has a place for the wild clematis as well as for the cabbage. Some expressions of truth are reminiscent— others merely sensible, as the phrase is— others prophetic. I confess that I am partial to these wild fancies, which transcend the order of time and development. They are the sublimest recreation of the intellect.

In short, all good things are wild and free."

-Henry David Thoreau 

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Sarah Chamberlain said...

Oh I just LOVE this, Lauren. Perfect timing as I just saw the film Wild yesterday. I just put the beautiful work you made me on my website for people to download, thank you. Wishing you a blessed Christmas. I love your work! xxx

A Quartzy Life said...

Thank you dear! I cannot waittt to see Wild!! Blessed Christmas to you too and thank you for inspiring me with your fearless soul xoxo