Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Said & Done

"What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful." -Scott Westerfeld
"You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent." -Paulo Coelho
"I'm at the point where going forward is easier than going back." -Alice Hoffman
"Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to." -Rita Mae Brown
"Some days will feel awful.  Get up.  There is nothing more satisfying than beating your own bad attitude."

"Action expresses priorities. The truth is, words are words.  They can't hurt you.  They don't do anything.  It is always the action you take in their response that defines your character and all the situations in your life.  And reasons are reasons, with very little validity at the end of the day.  A person could say I love you or I hate you, but it won't matter a bit compared to how they treat you.  It is simple: if you want to see someone, you go see them; if you want to make art, you make art; if you want to be nice, you are nice; if you want to walk away, you walk away."


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