Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I love Halloween!  The candy, the theatricality of dressing up, and most of all, the decorations!  There's such a whimsical, quirky- yet a-little-bit dark and Gothic- aesthetic about it all, and I love that.

As I begin creating Halloween goodies this year, I'm keeping in mind the theme of 'whimsical yet clean'- decor that's a noticeably a nod to the holiday but isn't too over-the-top or cliché.  Think sweet details on specialty items that make great accent pieces, table decorations, and subtle touches all around your home. 

Check out installment number one: This set of three Sweet Candy Corn Treat Bowls, perfect grouped together or displayed individually throughout your home.  As always, each set is custom made just for you when you order.


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