Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Room

This is pretty much my living space, aside from my studio space which is off to the right.  I recently acquired a couch, which I put at the foot of my bed, and incorporated a sort of sitting/reading space within my sleeping space...
On my table I stacked some books, and added: an old camera, vintage French chalk, old matchbooks, wooden colored pencils, and an interesting beer coaster- along with some beautiful fresh flowers (always a favorite to have in my room).
I've also been collecting glass jars and clustering them in various places around my room.  Make a one-time investment of $4 in 100 tea light candles from Ikea (here), and you can make a really soft, beautiful, ambient  display when you place one in each jar.
On the table behind my bed, I've made some paper snowflakes (out of pages from an Anthropologie catalog), hung them vertically on a string, and decorated the table below minimally- with a book and a candle. At night, my nightlight consists of a string of white lights in a large wooden bowl.

As always, I hope you're inspired to try some of these ideas yourself in your own space!


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