Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Inspiration

My work never fails to inspire me- everyday I discover something new and exciting to fall in love with that makes me so happy and appreciative to work for a company that so values creative ideas.
Lately, that new and exciting thing I'm falling in love with is Terrain, a garden and landscape supply store that's more than simply a store- it's an experience for the senses.  Terrain turns a love for the garden into a celebration of nature, making it part of the sensory experience of home.  The flagship store in Glen Mills, PA is an indoor-outdoor store and nursery, complete with a cafe and garden terrace which even hosts events and workshops.
They have all kinds of products to love (hanging terrariums, anyone?), and I'm all about the rustic serenity of natural outdoor living that Terrain exudes overall.  Terrain has been around since 2008, but I've been loving it more and more lately as I get in touch with my country girl side- I know the thing to do when you're a young 20-something is live the glamorous city life, but over the past few months I've been drawn closer to natural, lush landscapes and suburban quietness than to urban noise, and that attitude in general has been influencing a lot of themes in my recent work. There's an irreplaceable calm and beauty in plants, nature, and freshly-grown environments that I feel you just can't beat, so I thought Terrain would be the perfect example of that worth sharing. Check out the website and the online newsletter for more pretty images and living inspiration.

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