Wednesday, June 6, 2012


"I wonder if anyone else ever gets that: that feeling where you stop and are silent with the universe and parts of things you've seen before- books you've read, lines from novels, pieces of movies, of characters; things you've already been through, feelings you've already felt really hard- move into your mind and you connect the present point to several other points you've already experienced, and the moment creates a feeling of connection that fails to make any sense to you.  All you can tell is that life circles back on itself and you revisit things over and over even though everything only happens once.  It turns out things from a long time ago have sneakily pocketed themselves into your mind and they expose themselves in sudden, unexpected flashes, connecting right now to everything from before.  It's beautiful, but a sad beautiful.  All this feeling does is confirm that you change away from things but that there are reminders of those things potentially connected to even the smallest instances of your present.  And sometimes you want that, and sometimes you don't."


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