Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday in Pictures

Home made oat bran apple cinnamon pancakes with Nutella, creamy honey, and coffee for breakfast
Cornell University gardens
Painting en plein air: my favorite
Middle Eastern fattoush salad for dinner

Another gorgeous day in Ithaca.  Last night my sister and I went for our favorite- frozen yogurt- and chilled out with movies.  We got up this morning and made oat bran apple cinnamon pancakes (the delicious recipe is here on her blog), then she took me over to her office where she's interning at Cornell.  While she worked, I wandered around and painted in the beautiful garden outside her building for a few glorious hours.  We toured town the rest of the day, shopped, ate delicious food, and ended the evening at the place we had lunch yesterday, Sahara, an unbeatable Mediterranean restaurant with fabulous Middle Eastern eats (we're both half Syrian, and we love to enjoy cultural food as often as we can).

Tomorrow we're up early for more hiking and outdoor time, then heading out to Keuka Lake, one of New York's eleven Finger Lakes, to visit our cousins who have a summer home there.  Sadly it's going to be a 24 hour stay, then on Sunday I'm off to Chicago again. 

More tomorrow.


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