Friday, May 25, 2012

Odds & Ends.

"Most people are about normal, average. not that shallow, not that deep. but if you can find the ones who light up the world when they talk about it, hold onto them."

" i had to think creatively to survive.  that was the only way to think- i needed to make solutions quickly.  the thing is, i wanted to know how everything ended. every situation i entered needed to be labeled 'this will end well' or 'this will end poorly.' i had to know before going in what i needed to do in case of an emergency, in case i got stuck, in case something happened.  this is a good way to think if you're rock climbing. but you can't approach life like this, the same way you would approach an inherently dangerous situation,  with this 'if/then' defense strategy.  but that's how i did approach life, because i was taught it was dangerous and i was shown it was dangerous and  that everything was bad and that nothing would work out.  when i stopped doing that, i became free.  i could love, and i could be loved, and i turned into a loving person and a good artist because outcomes ceased to matter."
 "i like watching people gain strength, come alive.  it excites me.  i like seeing them come into their own and become happy and positive.  i fixate on this phenomenon the way a baby fixates on something that sparkles- i just do, and i don't know why.  it's not like an over-thought-out thing.  it's just so fucking fantastic to see; like seeing a beautiful ghost appearing in a room full of people without anyone else noticing.  the feeling of coming upon something so subtle, almost so vague it can't be noticed- yet so truthful- that experience is so rewarding, and it's one that i really crave."
 "you tend not to appreciate in other people what you don't appreciate in yourself.  maybe it's drive, maybe it's creativity, maybe it's passion.  if you don't love it in you, you probably won't in someone else. so learn about all you are, maximize all you're not, look inside at everything, and be excited about it all.  as you become richer, so does the world."
'come to the shore on my hand,' said he.  'or go on your own better yet.' and she finds in his eyes what she wants to be, and the rebel learns regret.


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