Friday, April 27, 2012

Things That Go Bloom

Maybe it's because Mother's Day is coming, maybe it's because Spring is coming, or maybe it's because I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of having fresh flowers in my presence 24/7, but I've been making more flower pots and vases than ever!

I started a few days ago with the Stippled Constellation Vase (here), and have since created the two varieties of planter shown above: The Gardener's Mug Planter series and the Colorful Cascades series.

I love the Gardener's Mug Planter because the whimsical, floaty design is so peaceful and simple- and because it doubles as a mug!  And the much-more-modern Colorful Cascades pieces are super cute and super impactful together or alone.

They're up for grabs just in time for Mother's Day- or for you!  Here at the shop.



Caitlin Ricci said...

I love those little planters with the handles. Perfect place for herbs on a kitchen windowsill.

A Quartzy Life said...

That's precisely what I had in mind! It would be such an adorable look in a kitchen- thank you! :)