Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Best of Both Worlds

I thought I'd dedicate today's post to something I just don't talk about enough on here: fashion and outfitting.  Yesterday I ventured into Old Navy- where I used to work before moving to Anthropologie last year- and, after buying a $25 outfit and accessorizing it with the Anthro jewelry I happened to be wearing at the time, I was inspired to share. 
I think it makes for a relaxed and simple summer look.  I snatched up Old Navy's Floral Print Racerback Top in white for just $19.95, and snagged a pair of their Diva Skinny Jeans for just $5.31 on clearance.  I totally lucked out on size and color- but that can happen often at ON, where the markdowns are often insane. ($5 clothing articles- now that is one thing I really miss about that place!)
As for my accessories: all Anthropologie.  The necklace alone and the earrings alone cost more than the shirt and jeans combined- but they've become staple pieces in my wardrobe and I use them often.  A gold chain necklace like mine from Anthro- or even cheaper: the one shown above, Forever 21's Rounded Charm Necklace for $7.80- can be worn with virtually anything: it's classic, simple, and compliments any color scheme, from black to white. 

It's circular coin design also mimics the bubbly gold casing of the earrings, which are colored in bright turquoise: a color that, despite the fact that there is none in the shirt pattern, totally works with this outfit.  Never feel like you need to match colors when piecing together and accessorizing an outfit.  Color is just one element in style and design (often the most obvious one), but more times than not an outfit actually looks better when the colors used in the individual pieces are not exact matches (I think earrings in spring green, for example, like the color of the leaves in the shirt, probably wouldn't even look as good with this outfit as the turquoise ones.)  Rely on smaller, less "obvious" commonalities between each element in your outfit to pull the whole thing together- it'll be more reflective of your own personal style if you choose what goes with what based on something other than the very obvious 'they match in color.'

While it was nice- and easy on my wallet- to visit my retail roots, I'm still beyond thrilled to be at Anthropologie.  I have to admit that I was never all that into portraying fashion- I've been interested in reading about it, inspecting it, and learning about it for years, but in the same way I read about, inspect, and learn about particle physics: It interests me enormously, but you'd never know by looking at me.  Until a few years ago I never embodied sensible fashion or used it as a means of self-expression, but I definitely do now.  Oddly enough, until I started working at Anthro, I admired the company pretty much exclusively for the decorative/aesthetic/hard goods aspect, rarely caring much for the clothes.  But knowing what I know now, I have to say: I'm very, very, very glad that's changed one hundred percent.


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