Thursday, March 29, 2012

Midwest Is Best!

Woah!  I'm setting my sights on painting all fifty states, starting with those where I live: the Midwest!

The process for making these watercolors is time consuming, but I really love it.  (Projects like this also give me a chance to be a nerd and learn about state mottos, nicknames, trivial facts, etc., which I also love.  Don't laugh.)  I cut my paper down to 4x6 inches- perfect for easy framing- then draw each state's outline.  Next, I fill in each state with a color scheme I like, then add hand-dawn details in white ink once the paint is dry.

And since I make each painting custom as orders come in, color and size can be adjusted for special orders!

For now, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all available for sale in my shop.  Click on each one to check out the details!


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