Sunday, March 25, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Yesterday I planted flowers in jars!  I love saving old containers, especially of glass and ceramic, and using them again as drinking glasses, pencil holders, or gardening pots.

I took an old jam jar and used it to plant Sunflowers; a cup-turned-candle and to plant Cosmos; and an old candle jar (from Anthro, of course) to plant poppies.  To note each type, I cut a blue paint swatch into rectangles, labeled them, and tied them onto each container with baker's twine (seriously- if you want everything you tie anywhere to look really, really adorable, I highly recommend having a spool of this stuff!  I use it to tie all my notes to customers when I ship out orders- it's so charming!).

Now here's hoping the flowers wind up looking as nice as the containers they're in.  Happy Spring!


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