Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art Show! Etc.

I had a spontaneous art show today- I decided last minute to enter a fair at a local high school in my town, so I was there all morning and afternoon and at Anthropologie working all night.  I'm beat- and up early again tomorrow for a spontaneous trip to Chicago to meet a friend in from out of town!

Something that's been on my mind as of late is livin': where to live, how to live, why to live.  I've lived in Illinois my whole life and, well, I want to move.  I keep dreaming of the Pacific Northwest- anybody live out there?  I had my heart set on Montana for a while but lately I just keep wondering and wondering about Washington State or even the California coast.  All I need is the water and the sunlight.

I've really come to value quiet and the natural world- so much so that my previous idea of moving into the city has flipped pretty much entirely to moving away from it.  Funny how that happens.  I think I got bit by that 'move to the city' bug that bites most suburban Chicago-raised post-grads.  Maybe because I worked downtown, maybe because I went out downtown a lot this past summer, part of me wants a little peace, quiet, and open sky.  I keep looking at this tumblr and desiring everything about it.

I can already sense that the coming months are going to bring some of the greatest changes of my young life.  I'm terrified and excited all at once.


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