Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Show

I was in the Women's Club of Inverness' annual holiday show on Tuesday, which was a huge success. Several people recognized me from seeing my work at the local shop I sell at, so that was awesome! I love doing shows and getting feedback from people, watching their reactions to my work.

Most vendors come with tons of boxes and literally a van full of display materials, and their work is displayed pretty neatly, in groups, symmetrically for the most part. But because I don't really mass produce anything, everything on my table is different, and that makes it hard to produce a coherent, "organized" display. Which I personally like- find refreshing even- because I love the idea looking good and finding something just for you. And it never fails- there are always other artists who gravitate toward my booth when I do a show. I can always tell that that's what they are- the way they talk and describe what they're seeing, the way their faces go, what they appreciate and what kinds of things they buy. Then of course we get to talking and it feels so great to find people like that.

Another thing I realized, which was kind of big for me, was that I really love what I do. Right from the show I went to my 'real job,' in retail, and I realized that a.) it's terrible, b.) I'd rather do something artistic and c.) I think I might be crazy if I weren't making art right now. I don't have a job yet, I'm in that impossible "what the hell am I doing/going to do with my life now that college is over" phase, my parents are divorcing, my sister is away, I'm living on my own, I'm really uncertain of almost everything- except who I am and what I like to do. I have a self- a someone who likes this, doesn't like that, wants this, doesn't want that; a person independent of circumstance. Which, from what I've seen, it usually takes people until much later than 20 something to get for themselves. So I'm very thankful to have it now.


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