Monday, September 27, 2010

In-Store Work!

Since I've moved back to suburban Chicago, I've made it a point to display my artwork somewhere other than under my bed in a storage box. Here it is in Angelina's, an adorable boutique in Barrington, IL. They have tons of cool things- cards, paintings, stationary, bags, you name it. If you live around here, it's worth checking out!

Angelina's will also be the new home of all my online Halloween merchandise, so as the days go on I'll be replacing the Halloween section of my shop with other goodies (installment No. 1).

It feels really great to be selling someplace other than the internet- I feel like looking at the real deal a really important thing for artists (and buyers) to experience when buying original artwork. So, Northwest Suburbanites, swing by if you can! :)


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