Sunday, August 1, 2010

One for the Ages

You know the drill: whether it's Bon Jovi, Run DMC, or in my generation's case almost anything off the Space Jam sound track, everybody's always yelling for the shit they grew up on. At the bar, at a a concert, in the car- whenever a nostalgic jam from your glory days comes on, it usually gets some love.

The masterful piece of "art" on the cover of this postcard came to me whilst listening to a sample of Whoomp There It Is at a Girl Talk concert last year at college. Apparently, if you gather in one space enough people who were about seven years old in 1995, they will yell remarkably loud when they hear some classic Tag Team (who knew?). I found this a striking phenomenon and when I got home I drew its picture in the form of spastic colors and intrusively large black text.

Finally, a commandment for everybody to get behind- no matter what shit you grew up on. Click here to see it in the store.


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