Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm making lots of great things these days as the creativity is flowing. It's such a saving grace because really the daily routine is boring and monotonous- which is definitely because I'm not in school anymore.

I think much of my artwork is likable and cute, but sometimes where it comes from is not. It's maybe like a Morrissey song that sounds so nice to listen to but is in fact about insufferable pain. Which I think is fine because that's all you can do about life, is take things that are difficult and ugly and try to make them better. That's what you have to do with yourself, even- with all your flaws and misgivings and whatnot. But anyway. Things can be difficult for people who sometimes gravitate toward things that hurt (which they do because consistency is actually a more human desire than happiness) and for me anyway I haven't been alive long enough for more than half of my life to be filled with positive holistic living, I guess, but I guess too that as I grow/grow up that's the kind of thing that will change, which I think should be good.


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